A flexible, tried and tested methodology.

While every project will look different, our three step process will ensure we get the best out of our partnership and keep us on track.

Getting to know you

It's important to us that we get to know each other before diving into collaboration. Ensuring a harmonious fit paves the way for a successful and enjoyable partnership. Once we are happy we can help you to succeed in your goals we'll work with you to map out the next steps.

How we work

3 steps to help you grow.

We visit your office(s), shadowing and speaking to staff members to understand ways of working.
A report with recommendations and a roadmap to change is developed. Highlighting key focus areas.
We work with you and your team to put in place the best technology for you.

Why it's important


A well-executed discovery lays the foundation for success
Facilitates stakeholder engagement and builds trust in our parternship
Helps us understand your needs and assess the current situation
Allows us to define project scope and align with business goals
Gives us a holistic approach and allows us to future proof with a cross company view


A clear strategy helps to keep everyone on track and aligned with the why
Builds a clear focus and ensures initiatives align with long-term vision and business objectives
Ensures efficient resource management and mitigates risk
Helps us map out change management to ensure successful adoption of technology among teams.


Ensuring a smooth transition from the old to the new
Facilitate knowledge transfer to internal teams for sufficiency
Support in minimising disruptions to ongoing operations
Allows us to assist with project governance and leadership
We are flexible and adaptable to accommodate changes and unforeseen challenges
Helping you gohigher

Our partnership goals

Strong and transparent partnerships
We foster relationships built on trust, openness and collaboration. No one should feel overlooked or left behind. We strive to create an environment where all team members regardless of technical expertise, feel empowered and on the same page.
Freedom to do what you love
Our goal is to bring back the excitement that clunky tech and processes took away. Giving you freedom to focus on the parts of your role that you love the most.
Having fun
We firmly believe that a positive and enjoyable atmosphere enhances creativity and innovation. We are committed to bringing joy to the process, creating an environment where both our team and yours can find fulfilment and satisfaction in the work we do together.

Our Testimonials


Group Director

GoHigher have helped change how we work drastically. Our processes are more efficient than ever and our team are able to focus on what matters most.

Client Director

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